Born to Die was a group show curated by Jay Henderson for Secondhome Projects in Berlin as part of Temporary IX from June 12th - 28th, 2010. Born to Die as an exhibition was unstable, changing and finally absorbed into a solo project, Every Artist Thinks They Make Gold . . ., by the curator. All of the art and artifacts in the group show were used as the raw material for constructing the artworks of the solo project. Similar to a blog that relies on other's content for its existence, but yet sustains it's own distinct identity, the exhibition(s) were in a constant state of flux while being re-mixed under the direction of a heavy handed editor. Unsure of being one exhibition or another, while drastically changing from a group show into a type of solo project, the overlapping exhibitions question artistic and curatorial authorship, originality, and control. The exhibition(s) continues to evolve in the curator's studio. Many of the artists included in Born to Die are affiliated with HKJB, a DIY curatorial group founded by Jay Henderson and Benjamin King.

With art and artifacts from:

Aaron Johnson / Alicia Escott / Amy Feldman / Austin Power / Benjamin King / Carol Bove / Chong Keun Chu / Dr. Nexus / Drew Beattie / Elisa Lendvay / Emily Roz / Ernesto Burgos / Eun Jin Kim / Fran Holstrom / Franklin Evans / Gareth Spor / Hanna Mattes / Holly Zausner / Janna Luttrell / Jane Dickson / Jason Alejandro / Jeffrey Scott Matthews / Jim Lee / Jimmy Miracle / Jonathan Cowan / JR Larson / Kerry Hassler / Lauren Luloff / Letha Wilson / Lilla von Puttkamer / Lukas Geronimas / Martin G. Schmid / Max Razdow / Melissa Hopson / Mirelle Borra / Nathan Gwynne / Nina Schmitz / Patrick Meagher / Ricardo Gonzalez / Stephan Weitzel / Susan Bricker / Tamara Zahaykevich / Tracy Thomason / Wayne Adams / Zachary Needler

In chronological order: